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Last Resort Episode 7 Recap "Nuke it Out"

I'm dusting off my LJ to share a few thoughts on this week's episode of Last Resort because all of the recaps I have read so far seem to miss a couple of very important points.

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Small batch but I hope some of you like and use them!

Please credit merwan  if using, thanks!

Total Icon Count: 7


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Comments are l♥ve! No need to credit for the gifs, but do credit if you use the icons. Thank you and enjoy!

26 Gifs from Game of Throne S01E01

26 animated gifs from Game of Throne S01E01 -

Hard to keep up w/ Tumblr; those guys have gif'ed most of the good scenes already.


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7 Merlin wallpapers (+ alternates)

Some of these I've had these sitting on my hard-drive for over a year now, so I've finally decided to post them. Hopefully you guys like them enough to use on your desktop.

1 - Eoin/Gwaine (2 alternates)
3 - Bradley (3 alternates)
3 - Bradley/Colin (10 alternates - for real!)


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Gifs and animated icons from Merlin 3x03

Gifs | Animated Icons


As usual, I'm like 3 episodes behind... but never mind.

Hmmm, delicious gifs await...

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Photoshopped Alert!!

I might be embarrassingly late and maybe others have mentioned this, but I'm pretty pretty sure that this was SHOPPED. This ain't Katie McGrath's body!

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I have finally caught up with Merlin (I was 2 episodes behind). Since I was playing catch-up, I won't go into super-episode-specific reviewing.

My overall impression from the past three episodes is positive. Convincing acting from some, solid or brilliant acting from others. The scripts were decent too. Some bullet-point thoughts:

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Gifs from this week's episode

I recently learned how to make gifs so there you go guys, enjoy!

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Wow. I just realized that I missed the Merlin 3rd season premiere. I didn't mean to, I sort of drifted away from fandom when the 2nd season was over. I'm not a big fanfic reader, and it was hard to find the time to keep up with fics and icons and the like and to stay interested.

Then the World Cup came up, and it struck me how I missed football and it's now taken over some of my time again, even after all these years.

I love Merlin and I had a great time interacting with other fans last year, so I'm going to find myself a download link, watch the damn episode, and make the rounds. Hopefully I'll find my rhythm again. Hopefully Merlin fandom hasn't become some alien world where I'll feel like an outsider. *fingers crossed*

And, I should be able to handle Barça games and Merlin on the same day, right?


For lolz:

New obsession: BBC Sherlock Holmes

As if I needed another one! (OK, maybe I did since White Collar has disappointed so far). It's the new BBC show Sherlock Holmes, a modern adaptation of yes, Sherlock Holmes.

There are no pretty boys, there's no slashy subtext (though there's plenty of references to teh gay - I like that they just went ahead and got it out in the open. Very clever. It was bound to come up, and they just incorporated it into the narrative. I love you BBC. TAKE NOTE MERLIN WRITERS, FFS!!), but the acting is brilliant, the cinematography top-notch, and the whole thing just sucks you in. Holmes is crazy and a fashion victim, Watson has issues and Rupert Graves stars in the first episode, and the writing is sublime. What's not to like, really.

The sad part is that there's only 3 episodes. THREE! Two have aired already, the last one airs this Sunday.


Actually, I find Holmes kinda attractive, although he's definitely not conventionally handsome... PICS!Collapse )
Hiatus. :"(

Oh bugger...

My last post is from December. *head-desk*

I'm alive! Just swamped with RL. I have a batch of wallpapers from a couple of months back, but I kinda don't like them anymore. Need to catch up on fandom, I've missed a lot. Need to update my icons and layout too. Blah. I'll leave it for another time. ;)

4 Merlin wallpapers + alternates

Here are some Merlin wallpapers I've been working on. There are alternate versions because I couldn't decide on which ones to keep. ^_^

Included are 1 Gwen, 2 Arthur/Merlin and 1 Morgana/Morgause wallpapers.


Find them here! (Image Heavy)Collapse )


I wasn't thinking of writing a commentary, but I just re-watched the episode and there are some things I want(ed) to comment on, so there! =)

ETA: Then LJ ate my freaking commentary and I can't remember everything I'd said!! Damn you LJ!!! And I can't even recover the damn thing. Here's the gist of it though: 
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This is the end until next autumn!! I'm working on some wallpapers and then I'll be catching up on fanfics and fests so it won't be too bad! *waves*

Merlin 2:12

This was such a GREAT episode. The story actually MOVED FORWARD and the viewers saw that it was good.

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30 Merlin "Winter" Icons

1-6: Morgana
7-11: Gwen
12-13: Gwen/Lancelot
14-15: Sir Leon
16-17: Uther
18-20: Arthur
21-22: Merlin
23-27: Merlin/Arthur
28: Colin/Bradley
29-30: Bradley/Colin/Rupert

Warning: Lots of snow (I swear, it's addictive)!!


Total Icon Count: 30

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* Be sure to credit me (merwan) if using.
* Do not alter or claim as your own.
* Reupload when using.
* Comments are greatly appreciated!